Hey, I’m Doing Swell

It would finally seem that hormones are doing something noticeable. So Yay for hormones! Unfortunately it’s not something I was prepared for. Been on an increased dosage for about 2 months and yesterday threw up what I think is probably hot flushes. My temperature felt like it was through the roof last night. You generally aren’t sleeping on top of your blankets in May. Particularly in Scotland. This continued on and off throughout my working day today. More than a little distracting but right now, touch wood, I seem to be back to normal. I am fairly sure this wasn’t mentioned to me when I signed up. Or maybe it was. One thing is definite though. Always read the small print!


One thought on “Hey, I’m Doing Swell

  1. georgiakevin says:

    i am soo happy for you that wonderful changes are occuring for you ma’am but am sorry for you not feeling well!


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