The Green, Green Grass Of Home

I’d sort of lost my place with this blog. Too much going on in real life and for a little while there, I just found no joy in writing anything down. Unfortunately for you though, that is no longer the case.

This week my country actually made me a little bit proud. It often does. Even though we are small, we sometimes just get things right.

This was one of a series of posters that appeared in Glasgow in the last week. Others mentioned homophobes, disability, racism. And they are paid for by the Police and our government.

It’s exceptionally gratifying to live in a country that’s trying to tackle these issues. I certainly believe I couldn’t have transitioned anywhere better than here. Biased as that may be. But I know everyone isn’t so lucky. Even just for today I’m happy to see such tangible progress. The rest of the UK should watch out. Positivity might seep over the border. Kind of really glad to be Scottish though, because I love how we roll.


Hole Lotta Love

Been sort of lazy blogging as my own life has been somewhat difficult of late. So a blog is frankly the last of my fucking concerns. But at the same time, life does just continue to just march onwards.

And that’s actually a good thing. Sometimes I perhaps need a kick in my now metaphorical balls and a reminder to get a grip and get on with living.

A part of that living is necessarily about me beginning to understand what it means to have an entirely new organ to accommodate. Although that is exactly where things start to spectacularly fall down.

I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing at this moment. By that I mean that I’ve transitioned but now what do I do? I thought I’d have more answers.

In the cold light of day, maybe I should have expected this. And it’s not without it’s uses. I’m more centred and confident than I’ve ever known. But I lack purpose. That’s a post for another day. But to take the positive from my situation, at least nothing feels impossible. Good enough today.