Resignedly Resolute

Mistress Of All I Survey

Happy New Year firstly. Despite myself, I’m sort of looking forward to setting sail on 2019. I’m even going to risk saying it can’t be as bad as 2018. It matters not, I’m ready for anything it has to throw my way. Like a coiled spring. Or a slightly “Post Christmas Podge” ninja.

I don’t have any spectacular resolutions except those carried over relentlessly from 2014 and the start of my transition. I strongly suspect that 2019 will still not be the year I master eye makeup though. I’d have to try and I just don’t see that in my immediate future.

I have bigger fish to fry. Like maybe getting this thing back on track as a transition blog. Or finally finding my On button. Or working my way towards the last surgery I plan on having. Which is simply a boob job. Probably don’t need one to be OK medically speaking. But it will be the end of everything I started five years ago. And enough for me to feel finished. And the last day of 2018 delivered me my first appointment with Plastic Surgery early in January. Too little, too late 2018. You still sucked.

Throughout this blog “There is always tomorrow” has been my Go To mantra.  It’s really just an ode to Procrastination, although I’ve certainly found it comforting at times. But although I’m already fully enjoying that “pregnant with possibilities” sense that a new year brings, realistically, we all know it won’t last. It might just be enough to get me safely through January. The plan is to have a plan by then. “There is always tomorrow” rides again.