Ruff Justice

Every Breath You Take

One glaring omission from this blog is possibly my Mum’s dog. Which is fairly remiss as he’s been a constant companion throughout my recovery. So he’s worth a post of his own.

He’s kept a faithful eye over me since November. I have never ever been in danger of assault or injury. Not on his watch anyway. And his surveillance of our leafy suburb has been truly epic. Nothing can happen in our street without his knowledge. And he has been every inch the dedicated sentry.

But although his efforts have been greatly appreciated, he is perhaps a little too effective for his own good. He has no filter and little concept of privacy. So there’s been no such thing as a bathroom break and even dilation is not something he accepts as a necessary moment of solitude. He just has my back at all times. Unfortunately that’s whether I like it or not.

Seems ungrateful to complain though. From him accompanying my naps, to vetting every car and seeing off the shifty cat from the other block, he’s put in an almighty shift. And despite security being tighter than Big Brother, I don’t think my recovery would have gone as well without him. Always been a dog person. But now even more so. You just can’t fault unconditional love.