Standard Operating Procedure

In my 16th month of living fulltime, it seems reasonable that my thoughts might be ever more preoccupied with the surgical option. Despite being told the Real Life Experience is two years, in truth it is completely arbitrary. It seems to be more to do with where your head’s at rather than a fixed timescale. I’m already on hormones, about to start a Testosterone blocker and can clearly see movement in the direction I want. But surgery is a complicated thing. And very permanent. I would also imagine it to beĀ  physically and emotionally traumatic, e.g “I miss that little guy”, uttered too late might be catastrophic. It’s not second thoughts though, I’m definitely doing it but I’m just not being naive about it. The “grass is always greener” aspect is not lost on me. Caution seemsĀ  sensible. I’m currently pretty happy with my progression and just enjoying that for a while seems like a plan. And in the unlikely event that I never got around to surgery? There’s always the circus.