Hiding In Plain Fright

No song today. Instead there’s a lengthy video from the smartest woman in UK politics today. A video in which she annihilates much of the anti trans rhetoric that’s reared it’s ugly little head in recent times.

It’s such a difficult and scary time to be Transgender today. The utter ignorance of what we are is terrifying and the vitriol spewing out on social media makes daily life more and more treacherous to navigate.

The worst part of it, for me, is that the arguments against trans rights are woefully misinformed. They don’t even understand the rights we already have in law. Or that everyone has been living with them since 2004. Quietly, peacefully, nothing to report.

But the truth is that those who are passionately anti trans aren’t interested in that. Or evidence. It’s enough for them to have an unassailable belief. Whether it stands up to fact checking or not isn’t a problem for them.

As difficult as it is to be an out Trans woman in this landscape , it’s worth it. We’re a tiny percentage of the population, roughly 0.6%, so visibility is key to changing those attitudes. And they are changing. Slower than I’d like but still. Thank God for people like Mhairi Black though. Having articulate allies never hurts.

I may have lied about there being no song today though. This one’s for all those folk trying to push us back to a time before we had rights.


Regret Me Nots

Still in a ridiculously good place. There is little wrong with my life and I’m determined to stay there. I even have a plan to ensure that happens.

Which is mostly just letting go of stuff I have no power to change and letting life just sort of happen. It’s working out nicely enough so far. And it’s agreeing with me. I’m as happy as I’ve ever been.

Of course it’s not all a bed of roses. Letting go is sometimes harder than it should be. Every injustice or slight can’t be easily forgiven. But you can get past most things if you are of a mind to.

I’m still smarting from the loss of my brothers though. Sometimes daily . Sometimes not. And most of it come back to my youngest brother’s assertion that I will regret transition. It’s an unresolved conversation that’s burrowed in deep.

If I could, I would counter that I regret fuck all in my life. Every decision and every mistake led me somewhere. Not always to my credit but rarely to my total detriment.

I’d rather regret what I had done than what I hadn’t in any case. I’d hate to hit 80 and wish that I had had the courage to transition. That would be a waste of the life I’ve been given. But then, that’s not going to happen. I’m doing it. Consequences be damned. And I’m really pretty much sorted in my daily life. If you are half as happy, you are sorted too. Go us!