Just Because You’re Paranoid

Was part of an event at Glasgow University Psychiatry Interest Group on Thursday evening, a panel/Q&A sort of thing exploring “What does it mean to be Trans?” with medical students and interested allies. Was particularly impressed with the students in attendance. Fantastic questions and as a Transgender person it’s heartening that future medical professionals are engaged enough to be asking these questions and seeking understanding. Hugely positive and grateful to have taken part on behalf of the Scottish Transgender Alliance. Bizarrely, this post was already named before the link to Psychiatry happened. It was originally going to be about running the gauntlet of public scrutiny. And the reality that if you think someone is staring at you because of your Trans status, they probably are. But let’s stick with the positive here instead. Although the song choice stands. This event bodes well for the future treatment of those of us differing on the gender spectrum. I’m very happy to have been involved and just glad that events like this are even happening. Genuine attempts being made to engage the communities these future doctors and psychiatrists may serve. I think we might be in good hands.