Ticket To Ride

I’ve recently taken to wearing small block heels. For no other reason that it manages to make me feel about 0.5% more feminine on an average day.

But it’s not without it’s problems. I’m about 5’8″ or 5’9″ if I stop slouching long enough. Add in a 3 inch heel and I am suddenly an Amazonian 6ft. It’s a tiny confidence boost that I’m just immediately grateful for.

But whatever is given to you on the one hand, is cruelly taken away on the other. My new nemesis is public transport. It’s just not built for 6ft ladies, or 6ft humans in general.

I can only experience the world as it applies to me but I now have an appreciation of the difficulties faced by the tall. I can no longer necessarily stand up on buses.

Particularly on the top deck. Who designs these things? If my generally tiny frame is scraping my head off the ceiling then how the hell are genuinely tall ladies or gents supposed to manage? It doesn’t seem fair.

Although this is about as first world problem as it gets, I’m astounded I never noticed before. And now I feel the pain of those blessed with natural height. It’s decidedly rubbish.

That’s about as much of a rant as I have in me this week. Everything else is actually pretty good. Visited Dundee this week to do a workshop with some amazingly switched on students. And the Scottish government committed to recognising non-binary genders and allowing self determination of one’s gender identity. Really couldn’t ask for a better week despite tiny ceilinged public transport. Hope your week was even half as good.