One Small Step

Not much has been great about 2018 so far. Until now. Last night was the first time I have spoken with either one of my brothers for more than four years.

Easily one of the most profoundly emotional moments of my entire adult life. We are still so very far from resolved though. There isn’t any guarantee that we will get to be resolved either. But just to hear his voice was a pleasure of it’s own.

And although I thought I was prepared when I dialled, it turned out I was on a whole other continent in terms of being ready for the impact of an actual conversation.

I think we both held things together pretty well during a short talk. It wasn’t until I actually hung up that it hit me. And then I sobbed. And I sobbed. And I sobbed. Just because it was an utter joy to hear his voice.

No idea what happens moving forward. For now, even a chink of light is more than enough for me. A little hope is better than none at all.

Part of this blog has always been about recording how much I missed them. In case I never got to tell them in person. If it happens, it will still be a long journey but one step forward is a start. And that’s a happy place to begin today.