And Then, The Strings Kick In

I don’t often comment on the music for the blog that I use. But today is different. The tune I chose for this post is both discordant and cacophonous at times. And then, the strings kick in. And it becomes a thing of heart achingly tremendous beauty. Serge Gainsbourg via David Holmes, if you’re interested. But I have always returned to this song at times of reflection and it instantly takes me back to the first place I heard it. In a flat I shared with two of my best friends. Which they are still are to this day. And they were pretty much first amongst the people who gave me back a sense of family while most of my own were washing their hands. Something I am impossibly grateful for. But equally importantly it transports me back to a time everything was well with the world.

Since you are reading this then my good news is my week has been pretty amazing. I had my first interview as a Transsexual female yesterday for a position to develop a Transgender Support Programme. I may or may not get the job but just interviewing has left me full of promise for a future I scarcely believed was possible two years ago. But whether I get the job or not, I’m reasonably confident that everything will be fine. Because of the things I already have. I’m up for a change of pace but equally content with my lot in life. It’s not a bad place to find yourself.

To echo the start of this post though, life is both discordant and cacophonous and you generally have absolutely no idea exactly where it’s headed. But sometimes, all you can do is sit back, let the strings kick in and just really allow all to be well with the world. And that’s where I’m at.