Pilot Error

Somewhat surprisingly, I’m already in my fourth month of being Post Op. At just 3 months I was discharged by my surgeon as my recovery has gone fantastically to plan. Textbook in fact. I do recall him advising me that I was essentially in the same position as a teenage girl with a whole world of awakening ahead of me.

And that’s where things stopped going to plan. Despite no longer needing an actual map to find the clitoris, I have yet to work out exactly how to drive the damn thing. Stick shift was definitely easier in this regard.

I’d liken it to an uncooperative cat, lolling around listlessly and too lazy to even respond to the occasional prod. Although unprovoked purring now and then means it realistically has the potential to work as intended.

Don’t try to run before you can walk might be a good approach though. As prepared as I thought I was for my transition, I actually wasn’t even reading the right book. It’s, ahem, a totally different ball game.

There’s an On button here somewhere

So my journey is apparently only really just starting now. And figuring things out as I go along will just have to do, despite my natural impatience. I’m not even sure that had my new arrangement arrived with a manual that I’d be any better off. But I’m resourceful enough and I’ll work it out eventually. And then? Oh, the places we’ll go 😉


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