Nailed It!

So, last week our government casually announced it was going to reform the laws around Gender Recognition. It’s not a government renowned for it’s compassion and understanding in many areas so forgive me for being a little cautious to accept this as gospel. I’ve spent much of this week waiting for the usual sort of religious “It’s Adam and Eve” rhetoric to reach it’s full clamour.

To be fair, it’s not really happened on the scale I imagined at all. People seem to have far more to worry them in the long run. And articles like this one probably help us begin to find a common ground.

Of course, in the same week, across the pond, a certain President Chump has just announced he’s going to ban Transgender people from serving in the military. You have to wonder how any one person can get things so wrong.

I would probably still march for your right to hate me as long as it was in the name of free speech.  I’d still respect your opinion. Although I might choose to find it abhorrent. And ill-informed. And a bit of a throwback. 

We’re so close to getting there as a society.  My own transition punctuates that very clearly to me. For every Trump, there’s a cavalry around the corner who don’t give a fuck what’s between my legs. Why should they? And in the meantime I have to admit that I mustn’t grumble.  It’s slow,  it’s faltering and all too human but progress happens. Despite all efforts to the contrary. 




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