Making Tracks

It would seem that my journey is close to reaching it’s end. That’s immensely satisfying in itself. I was never sure I’d get here and I never ever thought I’d be in such a good place as I arrived. 

I sort of expected more fanfare and to just lose it in spectacular fashion as things got to this point. But it’s a surprisingly tranquil experience.  Things are just falling into place and there is really no need for me to freak out. 

I honestly thought that I’d be broken by the enormity of it all but instead I am feeling pretty relaxed and content.  I have little doubt that difficult days lie ahead. But I know that I’ll never be facing those alone. 

So, approaching the point of no return,  I’m feeling wholly confident that it all has been and will be completely worth it. And full of hope for the future.  For example, even my brother can stand to talk about me now. Not to me. Yet. But I’ll take it as proof that time might just heal that too. And that no particular stop on a journey has to be entirely final.


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