The Stuff Of Nightmares

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been having recurring nightmares.  Nothing too outlandish really but the kind where you wake and it takes minutes to work out that all that stuff never actually happened. And that there is no cause to really be alarmed.

But what seems to scare me isn’t monsters or fabulous beasts I don’t know how to find. It’s just change.  Simply that. And the impact of that change on my relationships. I’m somewhat surprised that it hasn’t been spiders though. I hate them.

And it’s all really just been unresolved conversations which have spilled over into my subconscious.  And then those have played themselves out while I slept. It’s not always been pleasant. 

But it has been enlightening.  I have choices. And the best of them seems to be to learn to let things go. There are things which have hurt me. There is hurt which I’ve done. But while life is pretty good, why carry them around? They belong in the past.

For now I’m looking towards better dreams.  Of the future, of all that I have and all that I could ever reasonably wish for. Seems like a sensible enough approach. Wouldn’t mind dreaming the lottery numbers while I’m at it though. Life is what you allow it to be.  Mine couldn’t be much better.  I should take stock of that. And just let it be.


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