Straying Alive

I actually struggle daily with the practicalities of being a woman,  rather than a man. Mostly because so much male privilege is literally ingrained in me. I can’t apologise for that though. I simply am who I am.

Today’s video is thought provoking however . I hope you do watch it. It’s literally my greatest fear. Shown in reverse. Watch it with the sound down if it’s not your bag. It’s a compelling video.

I take stupid risks all the time.  I don’t mean to but the male me just could. I grew used to it and took it for granted.  But now I’m facing a new horizon.  I’m vulnerable and a target in a way I just never knew.

On only Friday night I took an insane shortcut home. Straying from the safe path I knew. Taking the long route round a park where many women have been assaulted, recently enough to be in my memory.  I was actually scared for the first time in ages.

I’m used to that walk and thinking nothing of it. But that was Chris.  Chrissy should not be so cavalier.  She runs the same risk as any other woman.  And possibly worse if discovered as not as advertised.  I need to smarten my act up.

But no woman,  Trans or Cis, should know that fear. Although commonsense dictates that we do. I remain slightly afraid every time I go out. I am not completely disabled,  just acutely aware of my new situation.  It somewhat blows. We deserve better.


5 thoughts on “Straying Alive

  1. Be careful Chrissy! You know all this trans women and male privilege stuff people spout (not you, I’m talking about that particular brand of feminist), well they shouldn’t because it’s a low blow. Xxxxx


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