Out Of Control 

If this blog has taught me one thing,  it’s that the people who read it respond best to pieces that paint me in an unfortunate light. It seems churlish not to oblige now and again.

Occasionally I come across a new indignity that was not included in the Pre-Transition brochure.  This week was another such lesson.  Although one that common sense might have avoided.

You might call it a schoolgirl error. If you were being generous. But I had a little glimpse of a Post Op world thanks to falling asleep in overeffective Control Pants. You may have astutely guessed that wine damage was involved.

Either way, I awoke to soft noodles for legs and a complete inability to determine whether I was in possession of any kind of genitalia whatsoever.  It’s not a mistake I’m likely to repeat. This week anyway.

But it’s always been a tough learning curve on this particular journey.  And not every lesson is as obvious as the last. The crash course in female life is definitely on an ongoing basis. It’s not all bad though.  This week I finally “got” what I want to be doing with my nails and was absolutely delighted with myself.  Then I tried painting them. That must be an Extra Credit part of the course. It eludes me for now. The Rough Vs Smooth of transition remains frustrating but I’m getting there.  Probably get a lot further by not cutting off my own blood supply though. You live and learn.


3 thoughts on “Out Of Control 

  1. im not going to read too far into this one 🙂 half the reason i watched extras was for ashley jensen, and her character is a complete mess. then again, her accent is one of the most erotic things ive ever heard, and i like the rest of her as well.

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