Happy Bunnies, Instant Karma And Inexplicable Singing 

Here we are at Easter Sunday already. I generally find family orientated holidays pretty difficult but I’m in too good a place for that that to get a hold of me this year.

Life is entirely what you make it and I’m too settled to be lamenting about what I don’t have.  I have plenty to keep me busy. Good friends,  a life that I love and burgeoning boobs that are now practically cuppable. I’ve pretty much got  all I could really reasonably want.  Easter is all about rebirth and I’m on the cusp of that now. And part of that will be about an effort to be better too. Karma has delivered enough already for me to be a fairly happy bunny these days though.

And as an unintended measurement  of my happiness,  I can’t stop singing.  At all. Not like public performances but everywhere I go I’m singing my little heart out. Mostly to myself. Especially on the high notes. But it’s a good indicator of where I am. Which is just really stupidly happy. 

I’ve also realised that I appreciate every single person who happens to read this blog, however occasionally.  So have a wonderful Easter you fabulous little thing. Join you for a duet at midnight.  You can choose the song.


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