Taken For A Ride

Enjoyed the relatively new experience of Mansplaining while  getting an estimate for new heating yesterday.  A slightly bonkers quote of £3500 to effectively heat a one bedroom flat.  Thankfully a handsome tradesman was there to guide me through it all.

I’ll give him his due. It was an accomplished,  if largely nonsensical,  spiel delivered over an hour.  Special slates for the roof of the building,  wholly new piping despite there being an existing system and new radiators and a 10 year guarantee on all parts. I sat throughout this smiling like a zenlike Cheshire cat

But part of me wanted to scream that I was getting a sex change, not a lobotomy.  I’d done my homework.  Anywhere between  £2000-2500 would be reasonable in the circumstances.  I expect to be at the lower end of that.

But an interesting experience nonetheless. Condescension really rankles me. His explanations for why I needed all the extra unnecessary work didn’t even make sense. Gave me the impression they didn’t have to as he seemed to think I had an acquired brain injury.  Don’t think I’ll stand for that ever again.  Good life lesson however. 

I make no apologies for today’s song choice incidentally.  Perfect match lyrically. I will concede it’s probably about a different sort of ride though. But what would I know anyway.  Just a girl after all 😉


4 thoughts on “Taken For A Ride

  1. Mansplaining is something I never experienced once in 40 years as a male. It’s entirely something else and beyond just being condescension. I take your point about condescension though x

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  2. “It’s only a particular sort of guy who does it.”

    thats fair– its only a particular sort of woman that does the female equivalent. in any case i still prefer the word “condescension” because it doesnt assign blame to gender, and it still covers the subject. if there is a specific variety that only men do… well, i doubt it. its more likely women get a pass when they do the same. condescension always sucks, i tend to drop friends over it if it becomes a anything remotely like a theme.


  3. Tell you what, as I have lived on both sides of the gender divide, I’m going to pull rank. It’s only a particular sort of guy who does it. Entirely separate to being a dick. Although he was that too 😉


  4. “Mansplaining”

    i cant tell you how much i hate that word. it implies that women cant be condescending or egotistical, or that men naturally are whereas with women an ego is some kind of freak accident that practically never happens in nature. i would be totally ok with “dicksplaining” because im sure the guy was being a dick. ive known a fair number of women that are “dicks” as well.

    “Condescension really rankles me.”

    me too! the notion that its gendered though… mmhhm.


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