Man Overboard 

In a bit of a state of flux just now so I have once again been neglecting the blog. Also in process of renovating my home and it’s a harder slog than I’d like. Everywhere there are traces of the male me but bit by bit I’m erasing all of that. It’s more emotional than expected. 

It’s really what I’d call “Extreme Nesting “. My surgery isn’t that far away realistically and so I am making sure my recovery will be in a safe and comfortable space. One that better reflects me. I’ll be spending plenty of time here.

But it has been somewhat tumultuous so far. Turns out Chris kept mementos of all sorts of things. I’d managed to forget that somehow. Some from childhood,  many from nights with friends and especially weddings and even funerals over the years. It all meant something to him and, by default, therefore me. And it’s been hard deciding what stays and what joins the history of the life I’m leaving in the past. 

It’s also been good though. It’s cathartic and rewarding and it’s thrown up memories that had slipped quietly into the background. Revisiting them has been pretty pleasant. But as much as I don’t intend to forget them, I have new memories to make. And a new life just around the corner. Hope it’s half as good as his.


6 thoughts on “Man Overboard 

  1. im excited for you, i always am. we are just friends, but if i had already lived in scotland last year, id be chatting you up all the time and trying to make you mine before youre done with this. id take you just like you are now– and id take you however you end up– but either way, youve always got an admirer here, even if we are just “mates.” (im pretty sure thats a unisex term over there. just smack me if you took it any other way.) ❤

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  2. i think every walk of life considers transforming their surroundings as a prelude or followup to transforming some other aspect of life.

    im not even joking when i say it goes back at least as far as ancient china. feng shui is only one example of this, spring cleaning just as validly so. nonetheless, ive never heard of it as a stage of transitioning before, and i bet its quite a common thing if we asked around.

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  3. ive been doing a bit of renovating as well.

    i think what youre doing is probably a “natural” stage of transitioning, one that isnt as often talked about (…that i know of. feel free to point me to another example, im not saying its impossible.) and now youve gone and documented it for those hoping to understand more fully, including those who are and are not considering a similar path in life. cheers! ❤


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