Could Be Better, Should Be Better

As I’ve been somewhat lazy blogging again I was going to fill today with some stuff about where my transition actually is at the moment.  And then London happened.  And it’s just not important enough now.

Once  again  a “lone madman” took himself onto our city streets and committed acts of unconscionable violence against very innocent opposition.  I, like most of us, am abhorred.  I have no words for what was done.

Or at least none that come close to adequate in the circumstances. How can we not have moved beyond this? And already the blame is being meted out by the media. It’s the usual lazy and divisive stuff. Muslim attacker etc.

We are all responsible.  Not for the violence but for our tacit approval of the system that produces it. We need to get over labels.  There is no such thing as an Islamic Fundamentalist. Fundamentalist?  Yes. Islamic or Muslim? Hardly, unless you really skew the Quaran.

We need to be better neighbours first of all. Start small. I’m lucky enough to live in a hugely multicultural area. For the most part we manage to coexist in peace. Idiots on either side do not define us as a community. 

Hadn’t heard the song I used today in a long time though and it popped into my head on it’s own. The line “if we lose the time before us, the future will ignore us” stuck out. Those who carry out acts of violence would like nothing more than to isolate us to our respective camps. I hope we see past the lazy reporting.  It was a madman.  End of.  Our neighbours are still our neighbours. Regardless of who they choose to believe in. And we’re stronger together than all the madmen in the world. 


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