The blogging has been slightly patchy of late. I’ve just been somewhat busy. I’ve been away at a conference, looking at taking on some more lgbt work and battling with two bedrooms worth of clothes in a one bedroom flat. I now appear to be on the verge of winning though.

But by far the most positive thing I’ve done was meeting up with a local journalist, Cat Cochrane, earlier this week. Cat is compiling a not for profit book about Scottish LGBTQI Voices. Her words explain it better than I can.

“In more detail, the project offers LGBTQI people across Scotland – aged 16 and upwards – an opportunity to voice and share their experiences in one or more of the following topics; identity, coming out stories, sexual health, mental health, family relationships, sport, disability, homophobic experiences, cultural icons and heroes, and dating and love”

It was genuinely lovely to talk to her and hear her passion about her work. And it was good for me. Mine is actually a positive story. Despite any difficulties along the way, life has given me most of what I want. Something that sometimes escapes my notice. It was good to be reminded however.

I’m very much looking forward to the finished product . It’s vitally important that people’s voices are heard. Especially those who are largely living in the margins. I’m really glad I got the chance to contribute a little bit, thanks to a mutual friend. And I’m also glad someone is out there taking the time to gather those voices collectively . More power to her!

Hearing and understanding different voices in life is something we need to do more of. It’s what brings us closer together. We all have stories to be told. “Seems to me you’d stop and stop and see how beautiful they are”.


6 thoughts on “Bookworm

  1. Very interesting. Do you know how to get in contact with Cat? I’m very intrigued. I’m glad that your story isn’t a bad one 🙂 all the power to you. I’ve just randomly stumbled upon your blog and it seems like an interesting read, I’ve followed, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

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