Every Little Ting

So, shortly after being told I would see the surgeon at the end of March, I now find out it’s going to be June.  I could choose to see it as a setback but I’m in a pretty positive place just now.

At the end of the day it’s not that big a deal. I’m taking the view that transition is a marathon,  not a sprint, so three extra months is fairly inconsequential. And while it’s marginally disappointing,  nobody has actually died. 

Maybe it’s even a bonus. Extra time to take it all in. And that time that will slip past just as quickly as the last four years. Either way,  the end is still in sight and barring a few bumps along the way,  I’m doing pretty ok. And that feels good enough to me. 

Not sure when positivity crept in if I’m honest but I’d like it to stick around. Certainly makes it easier to handle the occasional spanner in the works.  Going back to my favourite mantra, there is always tomorrow.  Even it takes three months to get there.  


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