When I Was Just A Little Boy, I Asked My Mother “What Will I Be?”

I’m not entirely sure anybody would ever ask to be transsexual. And as much as I dreamed of being able to live the life I have,  I didn’t really think it was going to be possible because of that particular doubt. Transition was something I saw as a torturously tall order. 

But then again,  just to be contrary, it isn’t. Or at least it isn’t always. Sometimes it’s been absolutely brilliant. The freedom to be yourself just cannot be taken for granted. And the decision I made to transition has honestly  been the best choice I’ve ever made.

I’ve never been as confident or as happy as I am right now. And I’d never have known that without making the change that I did. Not that my old life was unhappy incidentally.  It was just different. 

But transition has given me plenty. In particular it’s given me a better perspective. Life can be as good as you allow it to be. Shit still happens but in general you can pick yourself up and the sun will still rise in the morning.  That’s almost as positive as having rainbows day after day. Shoot me now! Clearly channeling Doris today. Sorry for being so disgustingly upbeat 🙂 


7 thoughts on “When I Was Just A Little Boy, I Asked My Mother “What Will I Be?”

  1. you are one of my favorite crushes. if it werent for the distance id suggest exploring it in a way thats less hypothetical, but flirting with you always makes my day ❤

    i think the cuddling would be nothing less than superb. id be like a cat though– always annoyingly* winding in out of your legs when youre trying to get things done. (* well, its not always annoying.) if i ever got the chance to, id do it for real.

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  2. im feeling upbeat today too. i know its been a while since weve talked about your new virginity– but this comment isnt about that, quite– i would cuddle the fuck out of you today ❤ (i only presume thats something you do. speaking personally, i have a *passion* for cuddling.)

    im happy for you, as well. have a lovely, lovely day.

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