Single, With Pringles But Ready To Mingle


Slightly early post but February 14th is one of the most important days in my calendar. It’s the day my first nephew was born. Making today his 7th birthday. God bless his wee cotton socks. And that’s all we’ll say on that subject at the moment

But I do actually just like Valentine’s Day all the same. I’ll look forward to the explosion of emotion on social media. I can’t grudge anyone a bit of happiness and it’s heartening to see folk acknowledge each other. Whoever you’re with, I hope today’s as good as it can be. 

While still notionally alone, or the dreaded “Single”, I have a few contenders I’d send a platonic Valentine’s card to though. My Mum for being simply fantastic, a great friend for getting me through a difficult year and because I’m in a surprisingly good mood, the world at large for just letting me be. Probably going to need a lot of stamps. 


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