Born Again Virgin


So, this weekend I found myself being asked what I plan to do with my soon to be new found virginity. I honestly hadn’t ever really thought about it properly. Or at least enough.
Being a somewhat flippant and totally contrary cow I suggested that I might just buy a big book of raffle tickets and gie it the fuck away (Gie=Give if you are American). But just maybe there is something here worth serious consideration. Should I think of it as a precious object? To be cherished or treasured and only shared with the elusive and perhaps even imaginary Mr Right.

But the crucial difference for me is it just won’t be the same kind of garden variety virginity I had as a teenager. I’ll be 44, know how the world works and have absolutely no illusions about how men are. Or indeed how I am.

I also have to consider the very real likelihood that I may want to take “it” for a test drive just as soon as the metaphorical bandages are off. I’m not that proud, nor too concerned about being labelled “that” sort of girl. In this exact circumstance, Mr Right Now may well be perfectly adequate for my immediate needs at the time.

But then again, I am still some sort of lapsed Catholic. It’s a church you can never fully leave and however wonky my moral compass is, it is very much still there. In with the bricks is the expression that comes to mind. I at least notionally want to be considered a good girl. But that’s an entirely separate journey, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. And it will take whatever shape it takes. Fingers crossed it will be fun finding out though. Song choice has it fucking nailed today.


7 thoughts on “Born Again Virgin

  1. yeah well, ashley jensen still wont marry me. i mean she has a good excuse now, but i loved her long before this “terence” or whatever his name is. thats ok though, all i really want her to do is cozy up beside me and whisper billy connolly routines in my ear until im too stiff to move. i like welsh accents too, which has to be the mark of the truly perverse. but i absolutely promise i would never confuse the two. i mean you lot dont “sing” everything, like the welsh and italians do. but the accent still makes me shiver. 🙂 probably a recessive gene somewhere.


  2. Hahahahahaha! Superb. Quick geography lesson. Glasgow is the sartorial epicentre of the known world. Not that I am at all biased. Can’t take credit for the Hampden thing unfortunately. It’s a Glasgow expression for a lady who is perhaps a little well-known lol

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  3. i even looked up what the hampden crossbar was 🙂 i happen to find northern accents irresistable (takes all kinds, doesnt it?) but mostly im trying to make up for the pisspoor geography education we get over here. that, and i once had the pleasure of staying in your region (wait, thats not a pun.)


  4. well youre always welcome at my place! *nudge nudge, wink wink*

    (i do hope this is interpreted as the friendly casual only-half-kidding compliment befitting the sense of humor– erm, humour displayed in the blog tags, or the sjws will hang me for sure.) regardless, i hope you have fun with it ❤

    i am american though, so one of us would have to fly or swim– and given recent events, the person flying or swimming would probably have to be me. i mean i dont blame anyone that doesnt want to come to the states right now.

    still, it is a pleasant thought.


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