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So I blinked and 2017 was suddenly upon us. Not at all sorry to see 2016 bite the dust though. It was a strange and difficult year that never felt like it was going to be done disappointing. Both personally and publicly.

Icon after icon seemed to be taken from us. Always far too early, it was a neverendingly brutal year. And thanks to Oestrogen it was sometimes even more emotionally traumatic to my own life. But now, even 2016 has had it’s time. However, I actually survived it. Almost intact. But better for the experience it gave me.

And like every New Year, I’m glad just to have a fresh slate. I like being able to start over and the untarnished opportunity that a fresh year always brings. It always feels like another chance at getting life right.

This one has the potential to be the biggest year of my life. The prospect of surgery is a particular concern. Everything I’ve been travelling towards has wound it’s way here. There are now relatively few hurdles left to just being me. Finally. I’m still frightened by the enormity of it. Be mad not to be.

It’s terrifying, exhilarating and sometimes debilitating but my journey is almost over and probably my need to blog as a result. It’s always supposedly been about transition. So I have no idea what shape this page will take once that’s successfully done. But I do know I’d never have got here on my own. And how grateful I am for the life I enjoy.

 I hope 2017 is as kind and nurturing to my friends’ hopes and dreams as it’s definitely going to be in delivering mine. And I hope they know how much I needed them just to get this far. It’s been a difficult enough journey and I wasn’t really always all that easy on the way. But I do thank all of the people who have stuck with me. Without them I can’t say it always felt possible to keep going. And you can’t put a price on that.

There just aren’t enough words to give my total gratitude proper form. So living the best female life I can is really the best I have to offer. We’ll start tomorrow. Hangover permitting, allow me that much. Onwards and upwards though folks. Always move forward. I wish you nothing but the best for 2017. Much love to you.


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