Today is my brother’s 40th birthday. We remain entirely estranged. And that is awful. More than ever I want to see and speak to him and to tell him how much he matters.

But that is not going to happen and I have learned to be OK with that. I need to respect his position and as difficult as it is, just allow him to be.

But I hope to show him this site one day and for him to know he was never forgotten, never unloved and never ever far from my thoughts.

One of my favourite memories is the day my first brother came home with us in a yellow cortina. The older amongst you can work out my age group from that alone. It was the most exciting day of my life at the time.

I miss and love him daily but time will bring us together I hope. Till then it’s enough that he is healthy, happy and well. And I know that he is. That’s good enough for now.


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