Walled In

Was left reeling this week by the election in the USA. To be entirely fair to the electorate, it was a Hobson’s choice. Forced to choose between two of the worst possible candidates for leadership in history. America went with Trump. And the rest of the world facepalmed itself.

But having thought about it for a while, that’s democracy for you. His victory was emphatic enough. However bizarre the People’s choice may seem to me, they chose him. And minorities across the USA rightly trembled a little.

But a few days on we find that what his supporters got, ain’t necessarily what they voted for. He has already backtracked a little on Obamacare and Iran. Before he’s even started. So perhaps it won’t be so bad as it seemed on Wednesday morning.

Maybe, just maybe, his own party can keep him enough in check that he can’t do too much damage.  And maybe I’m just wildly optimistic. 

I don’t believe that the people who voted for him are bad people. And it would be dangerous to categorise them as such. So many did that it can’t be discounted. They voted for something that was presented as being different to the usual elite they’ve had. Desperately failing to notice that Trump is part of that same elite wolfpack he promised to tackle, presenting himself as a friend to the blue collar worker, dressed as a sheep. Although prior to the result, the rest of the world also thought he was just a sacrificial lamb.

But he’s not going to build a wall, there won’t be coast to coast bathroom laws and despite being an isolationist, he will come to realise he needs the rest of the world too. I have no scientific basis for this, just faith that the people of America ultimately won’t allow him to do anything too crazy. God bless their little cotton socks in the meantime.

Apologies for the political interlude. Next week’s segment will get back to transition with “New Vaginas And The People Who Love Them”. We’ll be right back.


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