Same Old Story


The thing that’s offered me the most success in my transition has been repetition. It’s the single greatest tool that has allowed me to evolve. And my best advice to those in their own transition to adopt.

Just repeatedly performing the same actions has made everything infinitely easier. My makeup, for example, is done exactly the same way, in the same order, every day. It won’t win any awards but it’s functional and I’m good at what I have the confidence to do. At least people palpably stare less. A small win.

Clothing is no different. I found what worked for me and learned to repeat it with different colours until my own style arguably emerged. This allows you to blend into crowds and suffer less direct scrutiny. It’s just unfortunate that it had to be a crash course in learning. Natal women learn the rules over a significantly longer period.

And repetition of what I’ve been taught will eventually lead to an acceptable lady voice. Not that I’m at all distressed by the voice that brought me this far. It’s a work in progress that I sometimes hear myself. All to the good.

My point is, just keep plugging away. It all comes together. If it doesn’t work, don’t do it again but if it ain’t broke then don’t bother trying to fix it. The fun, I suppose, is in the learning.


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