Picture Show. Second Balconette


Quite often it escapes me that this blog is meant to be reporting on my actual transition. Rather than just the random stuff that it sometimes throws up for me. So, let’s do some of that today.

In an entirely more information than you might care to know sort of way, it appears that the Boob Fairy has not completely forgotten me at all. They are just really sneaky. So I didn’t notice that they had snuck in at some point in the last week to deliver a little progress.

And even then, I noticed by accident more than anything. I’m pretty relaxed about breast development and have always realised it might take a while. But it’s still pretty satisfying to suddenly see a topdown view that confirms boobs are very much happening. In at least so far as they now have form and substance of their own. I’d go as far as to call them bumps.

I’m reasonably sure they weren’t as developed on Sunday, which means that fairy has clocked up a fair bit of overtime while I was sleeping. It is also possible that sometimes you just can’t see what is directly in front of you. Maybe that’s a good thing. Not worrying about my development seems to have helped.

But suddenly, on Monday, I had a nice surprise. And although still more closely related to Tiny Tim, my chest is clearly on the march. And here it is Wednesday already. Motto for the day is be thankful for small miracles. I absolutely am.


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