Rethymnon and on


Sitting on our balcony in Rethymnon waiting for the heat to die down to a more bearable level. Furnace hot would suffice. Despite our accommodation’s name suggesting the beach and a seaview, we are fortunately located at the back. Our landscape is a busy lane of entirely exclusive shops. The kind without prices because if you need to know, you have no business there. A constant stream of the foreign money they attract files past aimlessly. Perfect for people watching to be honest. And fairly relaxing.

My companion for the last hour has been a small dog in the roof garden opposite. He can’t see me, nor me him but he knows I’m here. Periodically he likes to remind me that this is his roof garden with his insistent little barks. I’m not sure what he thinks he is guarding but I can vouch that he has been doing an amazing job. I’d hire him.

I’ve never actually been so hot before as to need to be inside more than I need to breathe. It feels entirely bizarre. Tomorrow we are off to Heraklion though. A city I hope is more temperate than this one. And a city centre apartment from which to explore all that Heraklion has to offer. And we have a pool. Something I’ve never once cared for on holiday now represents a shimmering oasis that awaits us. 

And then, from Heraklion, finally home. Which is always the best part of any trip for me. It’s only in going away that you get to feel that beautiful little lift on your safe return. And the simple but powerful magic of returning to where you are from. Nothing in this world compares. But Crete comes beautifully close.


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