Innit Just!


Was having quite a happy little day until about 15 minutes ago. Well, to be honest I’m still having a happy day but there’s a point to this.

Two morbidly obese gentlemen were walking past me in the city centre. At the exact point they draw level, Troll 1 turns to Troll 2 and announces fairly loudly “That’s a guy, innit?”. 10 out of 10 for observation skills though.

I’m entirely accustomed to being a “that” or an “it”. But I’m not actually deaf or invisible so it’s sort of piss poor manners to comment openly on me from a foot away. I didn’t feel the need to comment on their out of control, diabetes waiting to happen, weight issues. Although I just did, which kind of undermines my point.

The positive to be taken is that I’m still feeling quite chirpy, robust enough to bounce straight back and arguably the best dressed transsexual they will see today. They will remain arseholes no matter what I do. I’m happy to let them get on with that. Live and let live.


2 thoughts on “Innit Just!

  1. oh wow, I didn’t know that Divine originally did this song! I love learning new things about music – I always thought the Vaselines did this, but it turns out they were covering Divine (although someone else wrote it). Awesome!

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