Always Fascinated


There doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong way to transition. So for all the skin deep similarities, everyone’s journey is different. I’m starting to get more interested in just how much. And why that might be.

Like why I’ve had a relatively painfree transition compared to some. Notwithstanding the occasional comment or stare, I’m mostly allowed to exist without much hassle. I count myself lucky for this.

But the best thing about the last week was that I don’t seem to be alone in wondering these things. Took part in a couple of interviews for students undertaking their dissertations. I like that they are asking questions and taking part brings me no harm.

The first was about how do Transgender people fit into a mainstream that doesn’t necessarily make room for them. I’m not sure we really have to but then I would say that. I am lucky to live a very mainstream life. Probably luckier than I know. I mostly found acceptance. 

The second was about Trans equality in the workplace, experience of coming out and I suppose finding that acceptance. Really enjoyed taking part in both interviews. It brought home how successful things have been and both surprised me in that the feedback from other interviewees was mostly positive too.

Just didn’t expect to hear that. Still it made me glad to know.Things have clearly changed. I’ll still encounter small pockets of idiocy here and there. I’ll just know that they are fast becoming the minority.


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