Staring Out To See

There is something truly satisfying about gazing out over a sun filled sea and letting your thoughts happen. Allowing whatever rolls in to just be. Regardless of where they take you.

Today’s song has soundtracked my wee week by the water. Albeit silently, in my head, an insistently pleasant earworm. I’ve heard it countless times but it’s the first time the words have ever stood out with such clarity.
“‘Cause I had nothin’to live for

It look like nothin’s gonna come my way”

Or how about

“Look like nothin’s gonna change

Everything, still remains the same”

Really never noticed the air of hopelessness before. It’s a song which always drifted over me  without really thinking anything. Possibly because of his velvet voice. But it’s a song which has always cheered me despite the lyrics I just finally took in.

And it’s a song which, sitting by the sea, brought me to how good my life is just now. There’s nothing wrong or at least nothing insurmountable. I’m happy. I’m healthy. And I more or less have everything I need. 

Which isn’t necessarily stuff, it’s mostly people. Without the people that matter to me things might be so very different. I’m incredibly lucky and have acceptance. It’s not something I take for granted. I should tell folk more how much it has meant.

And I should mix hormones and holiday posts more often. Things are good, there’s life to be living and unlike Otis, I ain’t got time to waste.


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