The Times, They Are A’Changing

This is one of the most exciting days I’ve had in a while. By the end of it I will have picked up a new prescription for oestrogen gel. And hopefully be giving my transition a boot in it’s collective baws. (Balls to Americans)

Maybe I’m too excited about what is just a change of delivery method. But I remain convinced this will offer me better results and ultimately that means progress to me.

Hormones don’t have the ability to make you more attractive, happier or a better dinner party guest. But they do deliver on making you feel at one with yourself. It’s been very slow progress but even the tiny changes that patches have brought me have always made my heart soar.

To see your mirrored mage begin to match the idea in your head is a hugely empowering thing. I don’t even have any means to convey to you just how that feels or what it means. It is simply an immeasurable joy. Language is entirely inadequate in this regard. But that’s where I am right now. And it feels tremendously satisfying.

On the final push towards surgery, albeit on my own very elastic timescale. More haste, less speed so to speak. I have rarely been happier than I am at this moment. I also have less than 3 months till my first official diagnosis for suitability for surgery. An appointment that holds absolutely no fear.

So my expectations may be high at this juncture but what’s so wrong with that? Everything I’ve been asking for appears finally to be within my grasp. Fingers crossed for that B cup though. Amen to that.


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