Keep Buggering On

A small departure from my own transition. This week my tiny island voted to leave the European Union. To me it was utter insanity, to others their only choice. We are all entitled to our views and I respect those who voted with conviction. Even if we didn’t share it.

But the repercussions have already shocked many. Especially those who voted to leave. The news, internet and blogosphere have been awash with folk who didn’t realise it would actually happen. And those who immediately regretted their vote. It already threatens to fracture the UK further.

Too late. We chose to go. I didn’t personally and I am distressed. But we still have to deal with it together. A referendum is not binding on Parliament at all but I don’t see how the will of 52% of our population can be ignored. Even when it tramples on the will of an extremely heartbroken 48%.

It doesn’t matter. We face a new reality. And whatever happens, we are stuck with it. It will be challenging but who can say whether it was jingoistic folly or the smartest move the UK ever made? Not me. I’m just not that clever. We need to see what happens next. And we very much need to remember. We are still neighbours. And try to act accordingly. Together. For better and worse. That’s what union means. Whatever you voted, I will still love you tomorrow. And the Sun will still rise.


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