History Repeating

Quite excited this week. Back at Speech Therapy for another run at making myself sound more Thelma than Elmer. But reasonably determined to crack the voice thing this time around.

Of everything in my transition, I expect this will be the hardest change for my friends and the family that I have. Clothing seems to have been easy enough for people to get over. But a new voice is an adjustment for us all. I’m not too scared though. My friends are total champions. Just as well, I may need some help. And here I am, actually admitting it. To myself as much as to the internet.

Not having the same voice is going to be very challenging. Not least because it’s part of my identity and familiar to the people I know. I don’t want anyone feeling freaked out or thinking it means losing me. It’s just time to try to match things up. So I do need to commit to practicing exercises in order to achieve what I ultimately want. However, there is just no point it does not feel ridiculous to be making the necessary noises. It’s pretty bad if I am on my own. Witnesses would add an extra air of embarrassment, although might find light mews and moos amusing.

I’ll likely be the last to know if and when I’m able to do a lady voice properly. Constructive criticism is definitely going to be welcome though. I might still swear in my original voice though. It might even be at the people I need to help me as I work it out. But I always appreciate help. I’d never have got this far without it. As I said, champions!


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