A Certain Kind Of Man

For all of the folk with Father’s to celebrate with, make the most of it with them today. My own has been gone for almost as long as I knew him. A somewhat sobering realisation. One that still hardly feels just or fair.

But I’m not at all sad. Instead I remember him for all his crazy brilliance and a lifetime of happy memories. Whether it was using a car bonnet as a sledge. Or him handing homemade crossbows and wooden clothes pegs to my 7 year old self. Or holding my hand as we jumped into 15ft waves from a wall by the seaside. I knew I was safe because he was there. And I very much knew I was loved.

Had he lived, he might have struggled with having a daughter he never expected. I’ll never really know for sure. But the values he gave me tell me otherwise and it’s those values that get me through day to day. He had the biggest heart and could always see past most things. I wish I could do that half as well. But it’s a question I don’t really need answered. He left me with no doubts. He was my Dad no matter what.

So I’m glad to have a day to remember him. Not that I need one. I think about him all the time anyway. And I know we’d have found our way. Like my Mother has. So if you still have your Father, I hope he’s as much to you as mine is to me. And I hope you have a fantastic day. Together.


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