The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Had a brilliant week which was full of tangible progress. Managed to have my hormone delivery method changed and got an appointment for my first written opinion/diagnosis prior to seeing surgeon. You need two of such but it’s a huge step forward for me anyway.

I started writing this post days ago but got sidetracked. I think the gift that keeps on giving was meant to be hormones. Could just as easily be acceptance or transition itself. Point is that I forget myself what was going through my head on Tuesday. C’est la vie.

Anyway, I am full of hope at the moment. Mainly that a better delivery of hormones will lead to quicker change. Don’t know why I’m that excited really. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that transition is a torturously slow process. So I should know better than to let myself get carried away by rampant expectation.

But I don’t care. Seems like I’ve reached another milestone somehow and I’m in a fantastically good place right now. Really  can’t ask for much more. Well, maybe a B by Christmas.  But even if you cant have everything you want, you can have enough. My cup still runneth over, so to speak.

Hormones don’t solve anything on their own incidentally. But they do help getting where you want to be. Growing happier with the face I see on a daily basis because of them. God bless their crazy little cotton socks.



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