Save The Date

You might not realise that transsexuals are actively courted by some guys. We are though. But it’s a strangely mixed bag of experiences. And yet there are themes that run constantly throughout.

I am contacted daily by straightish boys looking for an instant hookup. Not that I am all that terribly attractive but I am, however, a very definite niche market. It’s just a much larger niche than you might expect though. So daily contact it has tended to be.

I do have a method to separate the men from the boys though. I generally insist on meeting in public initially. This is where it really gets interesting. These men are surprisingly tricky creatures. Despite having been one, I’m learning this the hard way.

I have now heard every single excuse for cancellation you could ever imagine. There is a literal epidemic of sick dogs, cats, iguanas, mums, dads, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and anything else you can imagine. But it’s ok. The reality of meeting up is probably scarier than any armchair fantasy aspect a guy might have conjured up. People will see you. They might even comment on you. I’m just used to that sort of attention. A sort of occupational hazard which you quickly get over. But that last minute realisation that your public date might have real life consequences for you? That must kick guys like a mule. So I get why they do it.

It took me almost 40 years to entirely accept myself. So I won’t expect it to be any easier for anybody else. But if you do happen to arrange a date with a transsexual? Just try to turn up. And in the event we learn your relative has been mortally wounded while we eat? The NHS is excellent. I’ll even pay for your taxi to visit the hospital. Just please don’t treat transsexuals like they or their time don’t matter. It makes them feel less than a person. Would you enjoy that? It’s also really shallow.

Despite any of that though, I have at least learned to be relatively self sufficient. God help the man that ends up with me, if that happens. He will never, ever, control the tv remote. Know that this is true!


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