Tena To The Dozen

“Finished” my facial hair removal this week. A moment of total joy. Anything else facially is down to me but can’t fault the NHS for the treatment I received till now.

So now the only obstacle to surgery is about a year or so of further zaps to my Pre Surgical Area. And that has me really thinking.

I have questions I’m going to need to ask and probably sooner than later would be best. It recently dawned on me that although I can be given a new sex organ, at the very least a recycled one, I  am not sure that I will wake up knowing exactly how to use it.

My first concern is simply needing to pee. I’m quite practical and know this is a regular daily occurence. What I don’t know is whether a brand new vagina works straight out of the box. No pun intended. So I have a recurring worry that I’m signing up for months of incontinence underwear and travelling my shiny new world one bus stop at a time. The truth is I have no idea.

I imagine they will explain things more fully before I ever get to that though. But I’d sort of like to know. I’m thinking it might be 50/50 between nature’s call taking  over and having to somehow train yourself not to flood your pretty little boots every time you need to go. I’m going to find out one way or another I suppose.

As a total aside, when I think about how I might train “it” the most helpful thing my brain throws up is Lion tamer imagery. Not particularly useful. Although I can see a chair being handy sometimes, I have no idea what I’d do with a bullwhip. I expect I’ll find out.


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