So far much of my transition has just been about purely cosmetic change. I’m about ready to start moving beyond that.

And this is where I think things might get difficult. Not for me. But the people I care about. As far as possible so far I have tried to keep things as similar as possible so that although the packaging was different, I was essentially the same.

My second referral to speech therapy is about to roll around and I’m still a little worried it will feel like killing off Chris. I resisted this for as long as I could but I can’t feasibly launch a new life without making a serious effort to make my voice match the rest of me.

I’m never really sure how I feel about it. Whatever sense of identity I have, I’m sure my voice plays a part in it. And I’ve hoped it was comforting that I hadn’t changed that much really. To the people that matter most.

But there are only so many times I can explain my Transgender status over the phone to strangers. And I’m feeling done with that. It’s pretty much the only real fly in the ointment so far. I’ve even mostly grown beyond public scrutiny these days. Face to face, the world generally takes me as I am.

But I’m fed up having to correct Chris to Chrissy and Sir to Miss. And the only thing I can do is hone my lady voice. Which will be weird and tricky for folk, including me. But constructive criticism will always be welcome. As long as you don’t mind a friendly punch in the face. Told you hadn’t changed that much.


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