Always The Son

Last time around I mentioned pro’s, con’s and consequence. Ever single person in my life has has to deal with the consequences of my decision to transition. None more so than my Mother.

At a time approaching her Golden Years she should be able to enjoy the family she raised. And because of me, she instead has to endure an entirely fractured family unit. I regret that every day, although I did not issue the fatwah that made it a reality. That lies elsewhere.

But she has constantly amazed me with her strength. She is the best support I or my absent brothers could ever have asked for. And although I know it cuts her to the quick, she bears our broken family stoically and has never complained. Much 😉

I couldn’t have managed my first two years as a female without her. And I don’t think she even knows how much I have depended on her. Her acceptance made the loss of my brothers bearable and she will still be the thing that ultimately brings us all together. I just hope not too late for all of us.

But this is going to be a positive post despite myself. I owe a huge thanks to my Mum, everyone still with me, my put upon colleagues who wrangle my moods and anyone who had to explain to their children why Uncle Chris is Auntie Chrissy. If I’ve never told you, I appreciate it very much and love you all for it. I just never anticipated how the ripples of my decision would lap around your feet. Sorry, my bad 😉


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