Give Me The Strength To Lay It Down

Not entirely sure if this wants to be a serious post. But it might be. We’ll see how it develops. But if it is serious then today’s music choice will be a little incongruous as it totally buoys my soul.

I heard it by accident and for 5 or so minutes, absolutely everything in the world was ok. I love when music does that. And I often forget how easily it can. I should let it do more of that. It’s going to a late resolution for this year.

Have always loved the original Annie Lennox track and was already planning to use it today when social media threw up this surprisingly perfect alternative. I think that might be synchronicity at play. If not, the word escapes me.

Anyway, up till then I was starting to feel a little bit sorry for myself. Between being ill, my less than normal life and still occasionally feeling kicked from the family nest, it just wasn’t a good week. And then life threw this tune up. Instantly reminded of what it was to just dance, mangled amongst your friends, lost in that moment, finally falling out of dingy clubs as dawn rose. And everything else fell to one side for just long enough.

Long enough to persuade myself that life is still pretty good again. This is a pay weekend and an Easter Bank holiday. I have plenty of plans that only await financial solvency to take fervent flight. No matter how shitty a week might be, sometimes you have to roll with it. Then allow yourself to rise again. And I won’t be apologising for Easter related imagery either. Once a Catholic etc. I will wish the very best of weekends to you though. Be that bird that flies.


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