Battle Hardened

I’ve sort of travelled a phenomenally long way over the last couple of years. Things that would have destroyed me when I initially started to transition, are nowadays barely enough to get a reaction.

This isn’t my first post about the joys of public attention either. I am comfortably accustomed to downright staring, casually thoughtless comments and, on my best (favourite) days, bona fide leering. Although the last one doesn’t always end well for them.

Taking Wednesday as an example, I successfully made it through most of my day trying my best to blend in. It went about as well as my average day and my confidence was relatively undiminished.

So Wednesday was going pretty well truthfully. In general, people now fail to notice my apparent “Trans”ness at first glance or when moving past. Very occasionally, I do get noticed and spectacularly “outed”. As if I did not know. It’s not a secret.

Something I have only just learned to deal with though, but which women will know all too well, is the pack mentality of boys in their precious vehicles. It’s apparently still acceptable to offer sexual contact to strangers loudly from your car as you honk your horn unnecessarily.

I’d love to know how my would be suitor felt the moment his friends clocked me more closely before loudly commenting “TRANNY!” and erupting in peals of laughter at their friend’s devastating faux pas. There was admirable attention to detail in their observation skills in this case.

I perversely enjoy this sort of confrontation though. Far from establishing any kind of Alpha Male status, he called his own preferences into question. And he will have cause to recall me every time his friends bring up the awkward “remember that time you tried to fire into a tranny” story. Maybe he’ll think twice before he calls out of a moving vehicle next time. Revenge enough really. As for his friends? They will have their own comeuppance. I imagine they have feelings too. Just waiting to be trampled upon.

In his defence, I’m fairly slim, have “girl” hair and they were breaking the speed limit, as well as public decency. He didn’t have time to really take me in properly. Time was that this moment of unwanted scrutiny would have destroyed my day but Wednesday saw a significantly stronger version of me. I am able to stroll on, laughing with my head held up and reasonably impervious to any intended slight. He was totally right to catcall though. I am awesome and still the best transsexual in my street 😉


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