Left Speechless

Randomly remembered that I was waiting on a second referral to speech therapy. A quick phone call to the Gender Clinic and my notes confirmed that this should have been sent away in November.

Except it wasn’t. I’ve been patiently waiting on an appointment that was never ever going to come. But that’s ok. People are human, mistakes happen and it’s not like the lack of a lady voice has really held me back much, if at all. My transition continues to bobble along remarkably well.

I am assured that this time they will refer me back. A little more patient waiting on the cards perhaps but I’m getting really good at that. It’s not like I’m not kept busy in any case.

Got enough to keep me going with work, volunteering and just living a mostly happy little life. I see little point in getting angry or bent out of shape about a simple error in communication and I’m sort of a work in progress at the best of times. Anyway, in Glasgow it’s not like I have the roughest voice of all. Thankful for that small mercy.

All things come to those who wait though. Even that elusive lady voice will come in time. That’s going to be an interesting learning curve for me and mine. God help us all.


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