I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

Weird little week. Was merrily rolling through life when my online abuser showed up again. For almost a month he’d apparently moved on. And life was good.

And then at the weekend, like that proverbial bad penny, up he rolled again. Opening gambit was whether my Father had abused me. Upsetting but not necessarily his lowest point in our one sided contact.

But he has now graduated to threats against me. And the Police are back in my life. Except this time it won’t be so casual. Now we are talking using phone masts.

All I ever wanted was to be left alone from uninvited abuse. I informed my abuser of police action and simply asked that they stopped contacting me.

Too difficult apparently. I do understand why though, I am awesome. And I jest. I don’t know how to make sense of unsolicited and unwarranted abuse, even when he knows of Police involvement.

I just do my best to get by day to day. That’s all any of us can hope for. But I genuinely look forward to the day my life is bereft of this idiotic abuse. Mostly homophobic comments, I’m not even sure he understands I’m not gay.

But still, he has picked on the wrong girl. I am as strong as steel. Been through too much already to buckle at a 50 yard chant. And should I see you in court? Which I will, the longer you provide evidence. Know that I will end life as you know it. My Father’s memory and my self respect demand it. And you will know how it feels to wear a badge. You just won’t like what it says.


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