Baring My Necessities

Today saw me taking my biggest step towards actual surgery so far. Finally made a proper start on the Pre Surgery IPL.

There are a number of situations in life when humans might be comfortable sharing their genitals with relative strangers. One night stands, nudist colonies or perhaps the sauna if you’re a free and easy type.

This isn’t one of those acceptable situations though. But equally it’s not as embarrassing as you might tend to think. Well, it is but I’m reasonably battle hardened to folk staring at me. Just that they aren’t usually staring at my junk. Or armed with a laser.

Anyway, it’s essential in order for me to progress to where I want to be. So I’ll happily endure a year or so of awkward little moments. It might even be character building. If I can learn to do social niceties while my special place is lightly seared then future public speaking should pose little difficulty.

Every cloud folks, every cloud. But at least we’ve finally begun. And I’m a tiny step closer to the endgame. Which is terrifying enough in itself. Something notional has started to take it’s own form. But that tiny step did feel amazing too. I’m really doing this and all feels well with the world. Not bad for a Wednesday.


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