Is That All You’ve Got?

Well, my online stalker is back with a vengeance. At least January was free from his grubby little clutches. But back he is. And it’s back to the Police for me.

I’ve had unrelenting filth and abuse from this sad little clown from over 20 different profiles since September last year. He appears to never tire of it.

The worst part is I’m not even angry. I feel really sorry for him. Clearly an unwell individual, obsessed with a particularly fantastic transsexual in an unhealthy way and apparently nothing better to do. That’s no kind of life. At all.

He’s determined to get caught though and the more he does it, the more likely that becomes. And again I feel sorry for him as the penalties are pretty harsh. He won’t just get charged with being a wee fud.


Scottish slang term meaning pussy, vagina, muff, cunt

“You’re a fud” 
“I rolled over in bed and accidently kneed her in the fud. She woke with a scream and punched me in the balls”
(For the clarity of non Scottish readers)

I plan to continue reporting him and hope it’s all worth it to him when he eventually has to explain himself. But I’d take no pleasure in him ruining his life. But maybe that’s what it takes for some people to deal with their demons. And when you go to this amount of sustained effort, demons you have!

But I’m still a Glaswegian transsexual. I deal with far worse than this idiot regularly. Face to face in the real world. And my response is pretty much the same. Shrug and give them nothing. Then get on with living. And that’s really all it takes to successfully manage idiots. Best advice I have to offer.


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