The Mirror Quack’d

Been thinking a lot about my options this week. Not that it’s yielded much in the way of answers.

As things progress I have more available choices to make. Facial feminisation surgery, tracheal shave, breast augmentation.

I keep coming back to just letting things unfold. I hope to transition with the minimum of surgical enhancement. I don’t have much of an Adam’s Apple luckily, I kind of like my face and as for boobs? Well, I’m still holding on for a small B cup. In an ideal world.

But I don’t think I want to look different or go under the knife. I’ve mentioned before my friend’s duck based theory. And to be honest, it’s mostly held true.

I have no idea if I pass as a woman. Fortunately I care little. I am as happy as I’ve ever known and that’s enough for me. Society seems to be able to cope with the notion that if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck then they should treat it as a duck.

I feel lucky that my daily life is not plagued by too many problems. Surgery is a future option that I will get to when I’m good and ready. But for now my life is relatively straightforward and my new found confidence means I don’t give a flying duck.


4 thoughts on “The Mirror Quack’d

  1. georgiakevin says:

    i hadn’t read your work in a very long time but am so glad I read this post. I very much enjoyed reading it. You are soo brave and add to that the fact that you write so well such self confidence. You go girl!


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